How Are Composite Veneers Applied?

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The process of composite veneers is done instantly, it’s minimally invasive and doesn’t require local anaesthetic. For 4 composite veneers, it usually takes about 3 hours. Here is a breakdown of how composite veneers are applied:

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The surface of the teeth are roughened
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The teeth are then cleaned with a ‘tooth shampoo’ called etch
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A super strong glue is applied onto the teeth
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Then the composite material goes on to the tooth in small increments and gets shaped to make it look like a beautiful, natural-looking tooth
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Finally, the composite veneer is polished with special polishing stones, discs and a fine diamond polishing paste so that the veneer looks oh-so-pretty

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My teeth were bright and white and exactly what I wanted. I can’t recommend Rita enough, she’s a dream.

Hannah English