What Are My Options to Fix a Gap in My Teeth?

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Hi, I’m Dr Rita Trak, cosmetic dentist and founder of Dental & Skin Clinic here in East Bentleigh in Melbourne.

A few days ago, I met with our new client, Christine from Moorabbin. She recently graduated from uni and now wants to do something about the large gaps on her front teeth. She asked for a referral from her friend, who happened to be one of our clients that we did a smile makeover for. After checking out our Instagram, and seeing some of our work, she immediately booked a cosmetic consultation with us.

Jacqueline F, Teeth Gap Client Image, Melbourne, Dental & Skin Clinic

Gaps between the front teeth is something that a lot of people choose to get fixed. That is why in this video, we will go through the different options in fixing a gappy smile or a smile where there are  large spaces between the teeth.

Teeth gaps happen because people’s arches are too wide or their teeth are too small or narrow. It can usually be a genetic cause, so either mom, dad, or grandparents have a gappy smile.

With cosmetic dentistry, there are certain things that we can do. We can use an orthodontics approach, such as Invisalign or braces. However, if your teeth are too narrow or too small, then orthodontics won’t solve the size of the teeth. That’s where you might look into another option.

For clients who don’t like the idea of getting braces as adults, then we recommend this other option which is porcelain or composite veneers. This will correct the size of the teeth and correct the large gaps between the teeth.

Jacqueline F, Dental and Skin Clinic, Melbourne

I hope you found this video useful. If you have gappy smile and you’d like to correct it, we’d love to help you! You can book a cosmetic consultation here at our dental clinic in East Bentleigh. Call us on 03 9088 1118, or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook. And we’ll be in touch to help organise your next consultation. See you in the next video.

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My teeth were bright and white and exactly what I wanted. I can’t recommend Rita enough, she’s a dream.

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My teeth were bright and white and exactly what I wanted. I can’t recommend Rita enough, she’s a dream.

Hannah English