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Congratulations on deciding to start your Smile Journey! On behalf of everyone at Dental & Skin Clinic, we sincerely thank you for entrusting us with your smile. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously. We want you to be as informed as possible so we’ve put together some Q and As that we hope will prepare you for the next appointment which will be the Trial Smile Appointment, or the appointment where you have the temporary veneers placed in the mouth.

What is the Trial Smile Appointment?

This is the appointment where you receive your temporary veneers. Unlike the final porcelain veneers, the temporary veneers are attached as a single piece so you won’t be able to floss.

We give our clients a Trial Smile so that can test drive their new and improved smile before proceeding with the permanent porcelain veneers. 

What is our process for designing the temporary veneers?

We design the temporary veneers based on your smile goals, photographs, videos, clinical analysis, bite analysis, facial features and the existing features of your own natural teeth.

The design process is  a well thought-out process that integrates a combination of artistry, science and engineering.

It is a bit of a trust exercise as you won’t truly know what the temporary veneers will look like until they are placed on your teeth. However rest assured our experienced team are amazing at what they do. If there is anything that you would like changed about your temporary veneers, we have dedicated the Feedback Appointment for specifically that! The Trial Smile Phase is merely an introduction to your new smile and not the final chance to make adjustments to your new smile.

What do the temporary veneers look like? Will I be able to go out with them?

Our temporary veneers look beautiful and we try to make them look at close as possible to the porcelain veneers. Simply put, you can and should go out and live your life while you’ve got the temporary veneers on.

What are the temporary veneers made of?

The temporary veneers are made of acrylic. Acrylic is not a strong material so it can chip, break and stain. This means you need to be mindful not to test the limitations of the material. We recommend avoid eating hard or sticky foods such as nuts, toffee, carrots and hard apples. Also avoid foods that can stain your temporary veneers such as curries, beetroot and red wine.The advantage of acrylic is that amendments can easily be made directly on the temporary veneers themselves. The material is also relatively easy to remove when it’s time for us to replace them with the permanent porcelain veneers

Is there anything I need to do in the lead up to receiving my temporary veneers?

We strongly recommend you maintain excellent oral hygiene in the lead up to your Trial Smile Appointment (and of course to maintain excellent oral hygiene throughout the course of your veneer treatment and beyond).

How long does the Trial Smile Appointment take?

The Trial Smile Appointment is a long appointment, about 3-4 hours (you would have been given an estimate). We recommend you have a good meal immediately prior so you don’t get too hungry.

What is the process of receiving my temporary veneers?

At the start of the appointment, the dentist will go over the Consent Form with you, which covers the most common complications and allows you to ask any further questions that you may have about the process. Then the dentist will numb the mouth using a device called ‘DentaPen’ which is a more comfortable alternative to the traditional dental injections.

Once your mouth is numb, the dentist and the dental nurse will spend the next 4 hours (or the estimated time you were told at your appointment) working on your smile.

Should you need a bathroom break or need to stand up and have a stretch, please let the dentist or the dental nurse know.

How will I feel immediately after the appointment?

By the end of the appointment, expect to feel tired. We recommend you don’t commit to too many activities afterwards and that you go home and rest.

What does it feel like to have the temporary veneers on? 

  • It may feel tight or uncomfortable because the temporary veneers are one piece
  • The gums around may feel tender to pressure
  • If you’re not sticking to a good oral hygiene routine (brushing the temporary veneers well especially around the gums and also using mouthwash) then the gums may temporarily feel swollen, tender and bleed while in temporary veneers

Will I be in pain after the appointment??

Once the numbness wares off, you may feel certain areas in the mouth are sore (where the anaesthetic was delivered). The teeth may also feel sensitive and the gums may feel tender. We recommend taking 2 panadol before the anaesthetic wears away to anticipate any post-treatment discomfort.

Your jaw may be sore from having your open for a long time. We recommend wrapping your jaw in a moist warm towel for 10 minute intervals.

Should you be in pain and you’re not sure if something is normal, please let the clinic know.

How long will I be in temporary veneers for?

The minimum number of weeks you are expected to be in your temporary veneers is 4 weeks. However it can range from 4-12 weeks depending on the specific work required.

How many Trial Smile appointments do I normally need?

It depends on the circumstance. A minimum of 1 is required. It can 2, 3, or 4 sets of temporary veneers, depending of each smile transformation. It is up to the dentist’s and the ceramist’s discretion.

What do the temporary veneers look like?

We recommend you visit our website, Instagram or Facebook to see our previous clients’ temporary veneers.

What if I don’t like how the temporary veneers look?

Your temporary veneers are designed to enhance your features. If there is anything you don’t like about your temporary veneers, we will make the cosmetic adjustments for you immediately at the Trial Smile Appointment, most of the time. However sometimes we may recommend to hold off on any cosmetic changes until we see next for the Feedback Appointment.

In our experience, after a long appointment it’s sometimes best to let you go home and rest first and then get you back when you’re feeling well-rested and your mouth no longer feels numb. Please don’t take this as us being dismissive of your cosmetic concerns.

We may include cosmetic features in your smile that you haven’t thought to have. You may not like those cosmetic features immediately and you may request to have those changed.However, in a few days you may decide you absolutely love these new features.

For this reason we try not to make too many modifications at the Trial Smile Appointment until we see you back at the Feedback Appointment.


What are Some Dos and Don’ts While in Temporary Veneers?


Dos While in Your Temporary Veneers

  • Do be careful not to test the limitations of the temporary veneers. They are made of acrylic, which means they’re not designed to withstand heavy pressure.
  • Do show your friends and family (or whoever you want to tell about your veneers) and ask their opinion about your new smile. This will help when we see you for the Feedback Appointment
  • Do look at your new smile from different angles so that you’re happy with how it looks from front-on and side-on
  • Practice excellent oral hygiene. Brush your teeth morning and night time and use the mouth rinse morning and night time to clean your gums nice and clean

Don’ts While in Your Temporary Veneers

  • Avoid hard or sticky foods to avoid the veneers from breaking
  • Avoid turmeric as this will turn your smile into a yellow colour
  • Don’t stress if and when your temporary veneers will chip or break. This is expected with temporary veneers. The most common areas that will likely chip or break are towards the back as these are the teeth we use for chewing.

Note: All content and media on the Dental & Skin Clinic website and social media channels are created and published online for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

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