Zoe’s Composite Veneers Journey in Melbourne

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Zoe’s Composite Veneers Journey in Melbourne

The demands of a career as a fashion model make high-quality cosmetic dentistry critical for success. Cosmetic dentists can assess the problems affecting a potential model’s smile and correct these issues with various techniques.

Zoe, a professional surfer and model from Geelong, has been thinking about having a smile makeover for a long time. She’s outgoing and makes the most out of her life, which means she gets to meet new people every day. As a model, photographs of her were always taken, this means she needs to feel 100% confident with her smile.

Zoe didn’t like the way her smile looked in photos and wanted a whiter smile. She had Teeth Whitening before, but unfortunately, she didn’t feel that it provided the freshness she wanted. In addition, she also felt her teeth looked dull and uneven.

It took a while for her to start her smile makeover because it is important for her to feel comfortable with the cosmetic dentist that she’ll choose to create her new smile. She saw our Instagram page, had seen our work, and loved our previous patients’ results; so, she decided to book an appointment with us.

For her smile makeover, we did gum reshaping to prepare her gums. This provided the ideal height of her teeth that would be in harmony with her facial features. And because she wanted something quick and didn’t want to commit to a full blast smile makeover yet, we did 8 Composite Veneers for her upper front teeth.

What Were The Issues With Her Existing Teeth?

  • Colour and shape of her front teeth
  • Size of teeth

What We Did For Her Smile Makeover?

  • Gum Reshaping
  • 8 Composite Veneers

The Result

After just one appointment, we gave Zoe a brighter and more harmonious smile – in terms of both the size and shape of her teeth. Zoe now feels more confident in front of the camera being a model and also more confident being on the water.

Do you have the same smile concerns as Zoe? Call us at 03 9088 1118  or simply fill in the enquiry form below, and we will get in touch with you. Your smile matters to us! We want you to not only look great but to also feel great!

Disclaimer: The material posted is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Results vary with each patient. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. If you have any specific questions about any dental and/or medical matter, you should consult your dentist, physician or other professional healthcare providers.



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Staff are knowledgeable and lovely and the clinic is super chic. Would 100% recommend.

Ava Matthews


My teeth were bright and white and exactly what I wanted. I can’t recommend Rita enough, she’s a dream.

Hannah English


My teeth were bright and white and exactly what I wanted. I can’t recommend Rita enough, she’s a dream.

Hannah English