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At Dental + Skin Clinic, our mission is simple: to empower people to reach their highest potential through healthy, lifelike smile transformations. We do this through our exceptional, porcelain V.I.P. Smiles™ and other dental and skin services that aim to deliver customers elevated levels of confidence and joy.



Dental + Skin Clinic has the knowledge and dedication to our craft required to deliver artistically-designed smiles. We ensure exceedingly high levels of care at every stage of the smile transformation journey through consistent attention to detail. We have become industry leaders through challenging mediocrity and approaching our work with creativity.


We value honesty, transparency and respect in all that we do. We take our craft seriously, understand our responsibilities and are proactive in creating results that change lives. Whether a client is looking for a smile makeover or a simple skin treatment, we communicate openly to help them achieve the results that work best for their unique needs.


We inspire people to discover their inner confidence by helping them achieve the smile, dental health and skin care they deserve. Through a meticulously-honed, artisanal service, we ensure that every person who attends our clinic leaves with more than just an average smile – they’re reborn with their heads held high and a glint in their eyes.


When we invite customers into our clinic, they feel instantly at home. Although we take our roles very seriously, we never shy away from the human aspect of, well, being human. We cry with joy with patients when they see their new look and we use the power of humour as a tool to put people at ease.
Katherine Ottobre
Katherine Ottobre
The most glamorous and inviting dental studio I've ever seen. I love that you walk in and forget you're at the Dentist. Dr Rita and Coco are so caring, gentle and professional. Regular teeth cleaning has never looked so good. Highly recommend.
ted njoroge
ted njoroge
The team at the Dental and Skin Clinic are absolutely fabulous!
Daniel Markworth
Daniel Markworth
I had a clean with Dr Rita and it was seamless. Everything was professional, comfortable and as enjoyable as going to the dentist can be. Will be back 🙂
Pessy Trakhtman
Pessy Trakhtman
I got my teeth whitened by Rita, the customer experience was great. I felt very welcome and cared for. While getting my teeth whitened Rita ensured to walk me through the next steps so not to be suprised. I got to watch Netflix throughout the whole experience. I am very happy with the care my teeth received. Thank you ☺️
Madeleine B
Madeleine B
Thank you Dr Rita for a great teeth whitening experience. The process was clearly explained and I had a very comfortable experience, and the results speak for themselves. I'll be back!
Quinn Nguyen
Quinn Nguyen
As someone who experienced anxiety when it came to dental visits, Rita and her team within the past 2 years have done so much more than just providing dental care to me and my little ones. The team is very attentive and always goes beyond to make us feel comfortable all the time. My children always look forward to their dentist appointments and enjoy it every single time. Thank you!
Felicity Moore
Felicity Moore
Scared of the dentist? You no longer have to fear your visit... Dr Rita is a highly skilled and friendly cosmetic dentist whose gentle approach and thoroughness make her an excellent choice for anyone seeking dental care. Dr Rita and her team invest their time in each patient to ensure that your oral health is prioritised along side any cosmetic adjustments you might want. They even assist with finance so that no one goes without the dental care they need. The clinic itself is less like your standard dentist clinic, but instead more like something you would see in Vogue Living. With warm, soft tones throughout the floor, you are greeted by a friendly and welcoming face at reception, and always asked if you'd like a coffee or tea! I have been to the Skin and Dental Clinic on only two occasions so far and they already feel like family. I could not recommend them more highly. Dr Rita will get to the root of the problem, I promise you.
Ellen Cameron
Ellen Cameron
I love dental and skin! I have a number of issues with my teeth and I’ve always found going to the dentist very nerve wracking and have found it hard to find a dentist who is compassionate. I needed a lot of dental work done and I couldn’t be more happy with my experience at Dental and Skin. The team at Dental and Skin are so wonderful, professional and helpful. Could not recommend more!
The staff were so friendly at the clinic and even had a Netflix tv in the teeth whitening room. Overall it was a lovely experience 🙂


Led by Founder and Creative Director Dr. Rita Trak, our reputation for artisanal dentistry excellence is something we’re incredibly proud of. From a young age, Dr. Rita Trak had her heart set on becoming a cosmetic dentist and loved the idea of helping people find themselves through the art of smile transformations.

Dr Margarita Trakhtman

Founder of Dental + Skin Clinic


Practice Manager


Dental + Skin Clinic was created from the belief that everybody deserves to reach their full potential and, when we look and feel our best, we positively impact those around us. Our team of highly-skilled dentists passionately craft smiles that are both beautiful and uniquely yours using cutting-edge technology in a boutique studio setting.

Smile Architect: How Rita Transformed from Scrub Nurse to Boss Lady Dentist

Behind every booming business, there’s always a story of how it all began — from the renowned Steve Woźniak who partnered with the late Steve Jobs to launch Apple Computer Co. from Jobs parents’ garage through to Jan Koum, a Ukrainian emigree to the USA, who invented What’s App in 2009. Each story offers inspiration to others treading these uncharted waters, and Rita’s journey is no exception. 

Rita’s family migrated from Ukraine in 1991, seeking a new life filled with opportunities in Australia. As an only child, she soaked up the entrepreneurial ethos her parents instilled when they gave up everything to start a new life. This foundation set the stage for her early years and put Rita on her path to success.

From a young age, Rita was drawn to the world of dentistry, but not just any branch of this field. Her heart was set on cosmetic dentistry. While her parents envisioned a medical career for her, Rita was captivated by the idea of transforming smiles and, through them, people’s lives. Cosmetic dentistry was so much more than just a profession — it was a way to bring joy and confidence to others. After all, first impressions count and our smile is the best first impression we can give. 

Rita’s journey began in the role of a volunteer scrub nurse while in high school. She would take the tram to her local dentist’s office once or twice a week for a few years, dedicating hours to cleaning the dirty instruments. It was her doorway into a world she yearned to be part of. Her dentist became a mentor, discussing cases and igniting in Rita a deeper understanding and love for the profession.

This dedication to her dream flowed into her academic life as well. Rita worked tirelessly through high school, driven by the goal that had embedded itself in her every thought. When she received the news that she had been accepted into a dentistry program, it was the happiest moment of her life, which she shared in tears over a phone call with her dad.

This continuous pursuit of knowledge marked Rita’s time at La Trobe University. She wasn’t content with just learning; she wanted to innovate. Rita became one of the few students allowed to perform cosmetic dental treatments, a feat she achieved through persistence and persuasion. She wouldn’t take no for an answer.

After university, Rita’s career took her to high-end dental practices in St Kilda East, Toorak and Burwood East. However, she quickly noticed recurring issues that plagued these high-end clinics. The smells. The appearance of the rooms. How little time was allocated for each patient. The lack of customer service. The overall unpleasant experience. The lack of communication between patients and staff. The lack of passion for the industry. Rita saw a gap between what the dental industry was and what it could be.

In 2021, driven by her vision, Rita embarked on her most ambitious project yet: her own dental clinic. She still hated everything about the dental industry, so she drew inspiration from the skincare industry instead. The gorgeous treatment spaces, nice smell and overall calming environment. She created a space that redefined the dental experience. Her clinic is not just a place for treatments; it’s a sanctuary of beauty, comfort and care, meticulously designed by Rita herself.

Today, Rita’s clinic is a destination for clients from all over Victoria and beyond, attracting celebrities, CEOs of some of the country’s biggest brands (L’Oréal, Adore Beauty, Country Road, Ultraviolet Sunscreen, Miss Universe Australia, Masterchef), and anyone seeking an exceptional dental experience. Her journey from a scrub nurse to a celebrated dentist and business owner is a story of transformation, for both Rita and the entire dental industry. 

Dr Rita, Veneers Expert


Through a proven combination of innovative dental science and years of experience, the Dental + Skin team perfect healthy smiles that give you the confidence to show the world who you really are.


Dental + Skin Clinic focuses on premium, bespoke cosmetic dental and skincare solutions that enhance your look through aesthetic facial harmony – allowing you to step into a new version of yourself.
Get in contact with Dental + Skin Clinic and step into the smile transformation journey you deserve.