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Cosmetic dentistry is a niche area of dentistry that focuses on making your smile look healthier and fresher. Dental + Skin Clinic focuses on cosmetic dentistry with services including dental veneers, teeth straightening, teeth whitening, gum reshaping and smile makeovers to help our clients achieve their dream smile and a renewed sense of confidence.



A great solution for full smile transformations, porcelain veneers involve the placement of thin ceramic sheets on top of multiple teeth to improve their shape, appearance and health.

Teeth Whitening

We offer in-chair teeth whitening that utilises 38% whitening concentration, which is one of the highest in the industry.

Dental Crowns

The expert Dental + Skin team create custom-made dental crowns to match the size, shape and hue of your existing tooth so that the end result is natural and life-like.


Whether as a standalone service or as part of a Smile Makeover, we use a soft tissue laser for our gum lifts – meaning no downtime when we’re correcting your gummy smile or evening out the gum heights.

Dental Implants

Sometimes part of a Smile Makeover, our titanium dental implants help permanently improve your smile and are used to replace a missing tooth root with a porcelain veneer on top.

Smile Transformation Packages

A smile transformation is a combination of services that will help you achieve the smile you deserve. Whether you need teeth whitening or aligned teeth, a smile makeover can enhance your facial aesthetics, promote anti-aging and improve your overall future dental and oral health. Every smile transformation is bespoke.

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