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The Benefits of Gum Lifts in Melbourne: Enhancing Smiles at Dental & Skin Clinic

A captivating smile can be a game-changer. It’s your first impression, your lasting impression, and something that can boost your confidence. At Dental & Skin Clinic, we understand the power of a perfect smile and have been enhancing smiles across Melbourne with our specialised smile makeover procedures. Among them, one service that has been gaining popularity recently is the gum lift procedure.

Causes of a Gummy smile

  • Genetics: This can lead to overgrown gums, where the gums cover more of the teeth than usual.
  • Hypermobile Lip: When someone smiles, a hypermobile lip can move up close to the nose. For example, my lip rises quite high towards my nose when I smile.
  • Significant Bony Skeletal Structure: This involves having a visible amount of bony structure, not just the gums. For instance, lifting my lip reveals not only the gums but also the bone that sits on top.
  • Short Teeth: Having short teeth can make the gums appear more prominent, contributing to a gummy smile.

Beautiful teeth, made for smiling

Your best asset is your smile and we want you to wear it with pride. Gum reshaping can help you rediscover your confidence and completely transform your smile. Whether you have a gummy smile, your gums are an uneven height, or your teeth are short, with our reshaping procedure you can discover a brand new you!

Many clients choose to combine a few procedures for the ultimate smile makeover. Porcelain and composite veneers, dental implants and dental crowns, all serve specific purposes in helping to restore your teeth, while leaving you with the perfect smile you can wear with pride.


  • Improved smile aesthetics: a gum lift can significantly enhance your smile by exposing more of your teeth and creating a harmonious gum-to-teeth ratio. 
  • Boosted self-confidence: an attractive smile can greatly enhance your self-confidence. With our gum lasering procedure, you’ll love your new look and feel more comfortable in social and professional settings.
  • Improved oral health: by reducing excess gum tissue, the procedure helps prevent gum disease by eliminating spaces where bacteria can thrive.

If you’ve been self-conscious about your ‘gummy’ smile or uneven gum line, a gum lift might be the solution you’ve been looking for. At Dental & Skin Clinic, we combine modern technology, professional expertise, and a commitment to patient care to deliver outstanding results with gum contouring in Melbourne.

Gums that are worth sharing with the world

You might feel that your smile is ‘gummy’ if your gums overlap your teeth, if your gum line is uneven or if your upper teeth are shorter than the rest of your teeth. A gum lift treatment is a dental procedure that reshapes the gum line to expose more of your pearly whites. The goal is to create a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile. 

At Dental & Skin Clinic, we employ state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly trained dentists to perform our gum lift surgery. Our dentists first conduct a detailed analysis of your dental structure and design a personalised treatment plan for your unique smile transformation. The procedure itself is quick, minimally invasive, and carried out under local anesthesia, ensuring your comfort throughout.

Smile Transformation Packages

A smile transformation is a combination of services that will help you achieve the smile you deserve. Whether you need teeth whitening or aligned teeth, a smile makeover can improve your overall future dental and oral health. Every smile transformation is bespoke.

Before & After


If you have what’s commonly referred to as a ‘gummy’ smile, where a substantial amount of gum tissue is visible when you smile, or if your gum line is uneven, you might be a candidate for a gum lift. This procedure can significantly enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

Recovery times can vary based on the extent of the procedure, but most patients can return to their normal activities within a few days. Our dentists at Dental & Skin Clinic will provide post-procedure care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery.

Gum laser treatment in Australia can range between $150 to $350 for a single tooth. For a complete smile makeover, it involves a huge investment in both your oral health and overall wellbeing. The experts at Dental + Skin Clinic will be able to create a tailored plan to suit your specific needs.

A gum lift is a procedure that can be done as part of your Smile Transformation. The cosmetic dentist uses local anaesthesia and a hand-held laser that looks similar to a pen, to strategically and selectively reshape the gums of the front 4-6 top teeth. There is NO cutting with a sharp tool, NO stitches and NO recovery time.

Although gum reshaping can be completed as a standalone treatment, most clients requiring a gum lift also opt for porcelain dental veneers to further improve the look of their smile. At Dental + Skin Clinic, we frequently combine our V.I.P. SmilesTM porcelain veneer makeovers with gum lifts to create smiles that are beautiful and worth showing off.

The signs you need a gum lift include that you show a lot of your gums when you fully smile or if your gums are uneven and not symmetrical on either side of the mouth. To determine if this is happening to you, examine each side of your upper lip for symmetry. If one side appears larger than the other, it’s possible that the overall appearance of the teeth are not symmetrical.


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