Whiter teeth, brighter smile

Add a little shine to your day with our expert teeth cleaning in Melbourne

Your smile is one of your most important assets, and here at Dental + Skin Clinic we want to help you wear it with pride. We believe that every patient deserves a customised treatment plan to maintain and enhance their natural smile.

What sets Dental and Skin apart is our dedication to patient care. Our team of professional dentists and hygienists is here to make your teeth cleaning experience comfortable, effective, and tailored to your specific needs.

A sensitive approach

Find a whiter, brighter smile with our customised teeth cleaning services that are tailored to help those with sensitive teeth. Relax back in our chairs and allow our dental hygienist to offer a comfortable solution that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Whiter, brighter smile

Here at Dental + Skin Clinic we offer a complete smile makeover service that will leave you feeling confident and proud. You can combine your teeth cleaning with any of our cosmetic dental treatments, including teeth whitening, to gain that healthy glow.

Dental services

Our services include dental implants, teeth whitening, wisdom teeth removal and more. We also have options for those suffering from tooth pain or toothache, offering treatments such as fillings, root canal, gum disease treatment, veneers, and tooth extraction.

Teeth cleaning service

The Dental and Skin Experience

Your smile is one of your most important assets, and here at Dental + Skin Clinic we want to help you wear it with pride.

We believe that every patient deserves a customised treatment plan to maintain and enhance their natural smile.

Take a step towards better oral health today

It can be hard in our busy day-to-day lives to put aside the time for a good teeth cleaning at a dental clinic. You will be so thankful you did! Good oral hygiene is more than just maintaining a white, sparkling smile. Regular teeth cleaning can prevent various dental conditions like gum disease, tooth decay, and even halitosis (bad breath).  Plus, it will leave you feeling confident and ready to share your beaming smile with the world.


Meet your friendly dental hygienist

Here at Dental + Skin Clinic, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Our friendly staff will ensure you have everything you need before taking a look around your teeth and gums for any specific concerns.


Remove plaque and tartar

The teeth and gums are cleaned using a powered wand that releases a high pressure stream of bubbles and water that thoroughly removes plaque and bacteria.


Nitty gritty clean

A special hygiene tool is now used by hand to get to all those hard-to-reach nooks, crannies and cracks between your teeth, to ensure no area is left untouched. Consider it the royal treatment of teeth cleaning in Melbourne!



Now for the fun part, where we leave your teeth feeling fresh and shiny. Polish is spread over all your teeth with a powered rubber wheel to remove any of those pesky surface stains that have built up over time.



It’s the part no-one likes doing at home - getting in between those teeth and leaving them in the best condition possible. You simply lie back and let our expert team do all the hard work.


Milk Protein & Fluoride

Before you get back on with your day, the dental clean is finished off with an application of nourishing milk protein and fortifying fluoride to both protect your teeth and give them that healthy glow we all dream of. Professional dental cleaning in Melbourne by our experienced dentists at Dental + Skin Clinic can ensure that every corner of your mouth is thoroughly cleaned, keeping your smile bright and healthy.


Regular teeth cleaning is vital as it helps remove plaque and tartar build-up, which can lead to serious dental issues like gum disease and cavities if left untreated. It also helps maintain a bright, white smile that you can wear with pride.

We recommend coming in for a professional tooth cleaning twice a year. However, some people may require more frequent visits. Your dentist at Dental + Skin Clinic will provide a personalised treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Yes, absolutely! Teeth cleaning is both safe and highly recommended for children. Starting oral hygiene habits early, including regular cleanings, can set your child on the path to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

The dental cleaning cost in Melbourne can vary greatly. The average cost of a professional clean is about $100.

Every 4-6 months depending on your diagnosis / discussion with your dentist.

Absolutely! Our dentists are gentle and careful, and can apply topical or local anesthetic to assist with discomfort if necessary.

Our dentists are highly skilled and use the latest available technology to eliminate discomfort during the process.

Absolutely, just let our receptionist know when you are making your booking.

Definitely! Pregnancy is one of the most important times to get gums cleaned as healthy gums are linked with healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Gums bleeding when you brush your teeth can be an early warning sign of gum disease, and therefore you definitely should get a checkup and your teeth cleaned if this is happening.

Before & After

Invest in a winning smile

On the hunt for ‘dental cleaning near me’? bInvesting in your oral health today can prevent costly and painful dental issues down the line. Our teeth cleaning package at Dental and Skin not only ensures a healthier mouth but also boosts your overall health and confidence. It’s time to take the next step in your oral health journey by booking a teeth cleaning appointment with us.